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2015 Projects

Nagitsy Bridge Reconstruction

Nagitsy Bridge was replaced, due to a number of issues. One of the bigger issues was shoring, material was being moved due to the water current, which is natural and to fix this problem the bridge was moved  5 feet north to help realign the channel to its original location. Another issue was the bridge was narrow, so the bridge was widened to 34 feet to meet todays standards.

Bannock Creek Farm Station Bridge Fixing Deficiencies 

Feb 2015

Bannock Creek Farm Station Bridge major issue was erosion, so to mediate the erosion around the bridge's abutments and piles. For the piles we placed new material around them to prevent any more material from leaving the piles. Also for the abutment we placed large river rock in front of the abutment to prevent water from continuing to eroding material during high water flows.

For the approach of the bridge we fixed the erosion at the corners of the bridge where the road and the bridge meet, we leveled and compacted new material for a smoother transition on and off the bridge. 

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