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2020 Projects

Ross Fork Creek Road Guardrail Installation

Ross Fork Creek Road guardrail installation on lower S-turn. 457 feet of guardrail was installed on Nov 11, 2020. What is slated on the agenda next for Ross Fork Creek Road is the markings on the road for spring 2021 to finalize and complete the Ross Fork Creek Road Reconstruction.

Pevo Culvert Installation

Pevo Bridge was needing to be replaced, but due to the lack of funding we were not able to reconstruct a new bridge. We did have some left over culverts that were of appropriate size that we was able to utilize.

Ross Fork Creek Road Reconstruction

Aug 2020

Finished paving with the three mile reconstruction of Ross Fork Creek Road. To finalize and finish the with new road marking will be in the spring of 2021. The was in a rough state before with horizontal cracking making the road bumping. With this reconstruction we also took out the old gay mine railway that ran through the road thus making the area where it ran through much smoother.

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