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Farewell to a long time Coach, & Friend

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Mr. Recreation Mike G. Sakelaris "SAK" is retiring. After 55 yrs, as the Fort Hall Recreation Director, February 3rd will be his last day. We invite you to Timbee Hall for Sak's party on that day at 10 am. We all have a lot of good memories of our time in Timbee Hall and Recreation. We are all very thankful Sak for supporting and working with almost 5 generations. We are going to ask if you have any fond memories that your willing to share please leave a comment.

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03 feb 2023

Hello Sak, this is Zem. Happy endeavors on your retirement. I have enjoyed seeing you throughout our many years working for the tribes. You take care and we love you.


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02 feb 2023

Thank you Sak for all your hard work, dedication and heart you’ve put into the Fort Hall Recreation program. Timbee won‘t be the same without your smiling face. Enjoy your retirement & wishing you many blessings of good health & happiness for years to come.

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30 ene 2023

Shawn Running Horse here,

First off, thank you! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I always loved and enjoyed being there. It's not going to be the same without you, but Timbee Hall's staff is an amazing gift. Enjoy your retirement, and I wish nothing but the up most best for you. Thank you Sak, God Bless.

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30 ene 2023

Thank you SAK for all the years of your dedication that you’ve given all of us… I don’t think he’s ever called me by just my first name, lol it’s always been Michael Pahvitse lol I remember him playing basketball with all of us at rec when we first got the adjustable hoops on the outside, he was dunking over everybody then he looked str8 at me and said “You can’t stop me Michael Pahvitse this aint football” lol and I loved his simplest strategy ever which still is the best advice in football on defense today is ”Hit and Wrap”… you gonna be missed in Fort Hall and don’t worry SAK you’ll see me again someday “cruzin in m…

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27 ene 2023

Happy retirement Sak! Lots of stories told with and about Recreation adventures! You will be missed!

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